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Silo City MP3 Compilation
CD-ROM - 86 Songs, Photos and Videos.
(CDM5106) 1998
Produced Entirely by Site 51

Silo City is a cumulative project covering the music and the people related to Site 51 since 1987. The musical content of this collection replicates both released and unreleased tracks of the artists over this time period in MP3 format. Silo City serves as a digital promotional tool for the albums that exist within the Site 51 catalog.

Aeon Dawn (1996)
Third Wave (Dub mix)
Aeon Dawn (Dub mix)

Film&Silver (1994, 1998)
Mayday (Test Mix)
That Feeling Inside (Test Mix)
Otherwise (Test Mix)

Poink (1998)

Mirror Mirror (1992-1995)
Worlds Apart (Dub mix)
Closure (Test Mix)
Seven (Dub mix)
Buradi (Remix)
Lover's Tongue (Test Mix)

Paninari (1987-1991)
Fall Away
Point to Love (Test Mix)
It's Only Me (Guitar Mix)
In the Absence of Love
Paradise Song
Round About
That's Impossible
Brand New Day
Everything's Not So Wonderful
Safe for Emotion
The Wakening
In A Big Black Dream

Quick Fashion
Easter Island

KJQ Interview 1989
      Set it Free
Musical Style
      Sunny Days
      Point to Love
Influence / Album
      Humour Me