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Projecitle: ©1996 - All Songs respective copyrights of band (Projectile Group 1996)

Poink, Blank: ©1997- All Songs, Thomas Joel, Antonio Garcia, Darrin Newland, Mike Ballamis

Poink, 7" of geek love: ©1998 - All Songs, Thomas Joel, Antonio Garcia, Darrin Newland, Nicholas Epperson

Paninari, The love Trials: ©1989, reprint 1998 - All Songs, Christopher Woods and Alexander Joel

Mirror Mirror, Circa: ©1998 - All Songs, William Seth Hooker, Alexander Joel, Mic Maxwell

Silo City: ©1998 - All Songs respective copyrights of bands. All graphics and photography (with permitted exceptions) produced by Rachel Joel of Site 51 Productions. (Poink 7" of Geek Love Live Clip copyright of Balance Entertainment). Produced in whole by Rachel and Alexander Joel of Site 51.

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