Projectile / Blank Release Parties

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Candice and George

Larsen and De La Mare, Aeon Dawn

Alex tuning in the cyclotron

Mirror Mirror

Paul Luscher of Insanity Void

Aeon Dawn

Susan and Rachel Joel


Carolyn and Gail

Rachel and Alexander

Michael Larsen, Aeon Dawn

Paul Luscher, Insanity Void

Christian De La Mare - Aeon Dawn

Demetrius (volunteered for liquor services)

Paul Luscher and Paul Stoddard - Insanity Void

Poink / Projectile Release Party - Bar and Grill 1997

Luscher of Insanity Void

Paul Luscher of Insanity Void 1997

Paul Luscher of Insanity Void 1997

Spoon of Poink on drums at Bar and Grill, 1997

Antonio of Poink at Bar and Grill 1997

Teejay Joel, Poink 1997

Paul Luscher, Insanity Void, Bar and Grill 1997

Christian, Michael, and Teejay in the reserves

Elfriede and Herman Joel, Bar and Grill 1997

Amanda, Hal, Demetrius, Susan, Emily at the Bar and Grill

Rachel, Jean, Danielle at the Bar and Grill 1997

Danielle, Frank, Chris and Jean, 1997

Frank and Chris, 1997

Herman and Susan Joel, 1997