The Clan

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Carrying the masters to the people.

Projectile Group, Dec. 1996

Alexander Glowing,1996

Rachel Joel, 1996

Salt Lake Tribune Article, January 13, 1997.

Susan and Thomas Joel, 1997

Rachel and Alexander Joel, 1997

Alexander, Gail, Susan, Christian and Rachel, 1996

Frank as Frank

A toast to a finished project: Projectile, 1996

Don Sehr and Paul Stoddard at Site 51 studio, 1997

Jennifer and Paul Luscher, 1995

Alexander, Peter, Jean, and Ethan, 1996

Candice, Don and Alexander, 1997

Dave, Scott, Jeff and Christian, 1996

Cyber laser beams, Rachel, 1996

Angela and Rachel,1997


Kim, Gail and Angela,1995

The Band: www. (dot)

Residents of Site 51 studio,1996

Rachel, Jeff and Christian, 1997

Alexander Joel, 1995

Harley, Hal 2000, Daniel, Alexander, Rachel and Christian, 1996

Friends at SunTunnels, Utah, 1995

Rachel and Jeff, 1996

Ballon bouncing at Site 51 studio, 1996

Scott and Frank of Fervid Torpor, 1996

Amanda, 1996

Frank with Fervid Torpor, 1996

Fervid "Drumming" Torpor, 1996

The Group, 1997